Wanting to join a dynasty league!

Hey guys I’d really love to join a dynasty league. If anyone has any room please let me know. I live in San Antonio and would love to start playing year round. I would prefer .5ppr format.

Hello Dustin,

I’m starting up another Dynasty on Sleeper, feel free to send a DM and I’ll send you the link.

Whats the scoring format and how many teams ? my email is dustin.g.kilpatrick@gmail.com

Could I join too boss? I’m an active player

Hey guys, this league was filled yesterday evening. Thanks for your interest.

Darn.Thank you anyways brotha. Have fun :slight_smile:

If anyone interested in start up. Footballers settings. 4 spots left

12 team, half ppr, faab, drafting in May (both rookie and veteran).