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Wanting to join a dynasty startup!

Hey all!

I’d love to join a dynasty start up! I’ve played redraft for years and would love to get into dynasty! I’m looking for Normal or Superflex and either no buy in or something less than $20 a year! Good with any platform!


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I have open spots in my superflex IDP dynasty start up if that interests you. There is no buy in

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Do you still have any openings? I’m very active an looking to join. If possible let me know please.

I’m looking to join one too!

Can you link me?

I’m sorry the league is now full. Apologies.

Currently 10 team league. We’ll see if we can make it 12. $20 buy in. 1st year dynasty, but 2nd year that we’ve all played together. Still have our old rosters so don’t be concerned.

Hit me up in the sleeper app after checking out the link!

Thanks for the invite! I found a league already though! Appreciate it!

No problem. Let me know if you change your mind and want to join another league. I have 2 more spots for a 12 team league.

u have openings?

Yep got 2 more openings

is it a 12 teamer?

Right now it’s just 10 but aside from like 1 person I’ve gotten confirmation that everyone is down to play this season. So basically it’s going to be a 12 man league if everyone recommits. If not then we may just have a 10 man league with the same rosters from last season.

Feel free to give this league a try guys! lets have some fun! :slight_smile:

@Kevinvoson hey! Do you still have openings?

It’s full BUT if you pay the buy in now I’ll let you replace one of the teams that hasn’t paid yet. Payment details are in league chat on sleeper app.

@Kevinvoson How many spots you got? I’m from the UK though and I can’t use League Safe? Have paypal the money to Commishes in my other leagues… understand if that’s all a big hassle :smiley:

12 man league. Teams haven’t finalized yet. If you pay the buy in you’re guaranteed a spot so click the link, check out the league settings, check out the payment details and send the $20 and you’re good to go!

Hey @Kevinvoson is there a way to DM me the link? It’s not sending to my phone, guess I’m in the UK?

I’m seeing if a league buddy in the US will get it for me