Wanting to upgrade RB need Help!

So I am looking to package J. Brown and Ajayi maybe Yeldon as well. What running backs would you target? I’ve tried Mixon and Johnson so far or maybe try and get Fournette since I have Yeldon help

I dont trust fournette’s hamstrings this season and probably would be back for another 2-4 weeks. Could possibly goes after McCaffrey or Devonta Freeman who should be healthy soon

@CH4MP55 I have yeldon and Alshon Jeffrey at flex currently 4-0 so I was thinking upside play my other RBs are Drake, Kamara, Michel so ros of season more upside Fournette/Yeldon or Ajayi you would go Ajayi?

Ajayi has been pretty inconsistent this season even when healthy. If i had to choose it would definitely be fournette over ajayi

It’s risky but right now I have Ajayi, Brown on my bench so I was looking for upside RBs

Was thinking Jordan Howard