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Ware as keeper when to take Hunt as my cuff?


Hi Ballers,

I have spencer ware as my keeper. Looking to figure out whens the latest point in time to take Hunt before he gets snatched up… Thoughts? Full point PPR


I drafted in a full PPR league last night for Footclan members. Hunt went middle 9th.


ADP on hunt is the 8.07 pick. so if you want to ensure him, late 7th early 8th. knowing your league and how they work will change this though. does your league mates value rookies at all? if not you can probably wait a little later. does your league have a guy who likes to pick players to mess with other peoples teams? if so pick earlier. me personally, if i have ware, im making sure i get hunt. so im picking him with my 7th pick.


Hey guys,

Thanks for the reply on this. It is good to know where he was drafted in your league. My league is a serious league so all the guys will know when hunt should go and guys would draft him to keep him away from me. Looks like I will look to grab him somewhere around the 8th. Il have to make an in draft decision based on who is left when it gets to that round.

Appreciate the imput



I drafted Hunt at the end of the 8th round, Whilst someone drafted Ware in the 6th round.

Maybe if the reports keep flying out of the Chiefs camp, Hunt ADP could move up to maybe 7th?


That is helpful. I am probably going to look around the 8th round, but keep an eye on positions and who needs what when it gets to the middle rounds. Thanks for the insight that helps a lot