Ware, Fuller or edelman who to drop in dynasty?

So my dynasty league has 2 IR Spots I have andrew Luck and Will Fuller in those spots right now.

I have edelman and ware on my bench at the moment.
We have a bench of 10 spots so right now I’m fine keeping them there.

Ware could be a RB1 next year but he also isn’t super talented
Edelman is a good WR but getting older and might not play much longer.
Fuller is a decent WR in an ok offense but will prob come back this year

But if the time comes where there is talent on the waiver wire and I need to drop 1 who would you drop?


Thanks for any advice.

My answer might change depending on roster construction but I think I would drop Ware just because it seems like KC already drafted his replacement with all the hype of Kareem Hunt. Obviously Hunt could be a bust but even last year, with all the opportunity, Ware struggled with a full workload and isn’t guaranteed anything when he comes back.

I think its a tossup with Edelman and Fuller for exact reasons you mentioned. If force to pick between the two of them then I keep Edelman, the more proven player on a better offense, but I don’t love it.

@Mase04 I’m not hurting at RB at all but alittle thin at WR.

So if you could only keep 2 of the 3… You would lean towards edelman and Fuller right?

im leaning edelman and fuller. i hate will fullers hands, but ware is looking at a backup role with hunt in town. they already named hunt the feature back. so unless he plays horrible (which i do not think will happen) then he will stay the feature guy. here is the one potential that i think people are overlooking… ware could get dropped or traded and go to a team where he can actually thrive. problem is, im not banking on that. so i drop ware and keep edelman and fuller.