Ware, J. Jackson or Coleman

I feel crazy starting Justin Jackson over these 2 guys but am I only thinking it because of names involved?

I mean Jackson was significantly outsnapped by Ekeler, but that has to change this Sunday right? He was by far the better runner.

Just hard sitting a guy like Ware who is on such a explosive offense even with the tough matchup or a guy like Coleman who I at least know he’ll be on the field for at least 60% of the teams offensive plays.

Really struggling with this decision.

Shameless bump

I like Jackson over Ware for sure…that ATL run defense is real.

Coleman is worthless.


Baltimore’s defense has been good against RB because they haven’t let up a huge game. They give up between 8 and 14 to the primary back, with 2 exceptions of McCaffrey and Conner having “big” games. Ware is not impressive but he’s going to get touches on a high powered offense. If you can live with 8-10 points then I’d play Ware.

I’m starting Jackson and don’t feel great about it. Cincinnati isn’t good against the run and Jackson looked great last week so I’m hoping for a quick blowout and the Chargers see what they have in Jackson. Luckily I just have to chose him over Dion Lewis against Jacksonville tonight.

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Everyone has Ware ranked ahead of Jackson and Jackson ahead of Coleman aside from ESPN. This is such a tough call. anyone else have any thoughts to help me decide?

Jackson, hands down. I have had Ware and Coleman on my team and have dropped both of them for defenses if that tells you how I think of them.

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I feel you, I’m in the same boat. Currently have Sony, Ware and Golladay in my flex. I’m leaning toward removing Golladay and playing Jackson even though Golladay will get volume, he also has a tough matchup in AZ. I feel like I can’t sit Ware even with the tough matchup considering their high powered offense, he should get opportunity to score I think

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I’d probably sit Golladay with the matchup and little injury he dealt with this week. I’m with you on Ware’s volume and offense but Baltimore has killed opposing RB’s all season and I can’t afford a 15 carry 45 yard game out of him even if he does have 3-5 catches with it that too low of a ceiling i think

What does the rest of your team look like? Do you have a bunch of boom or bust players or consistent players? Jackson is a boom or bust and Ware is consistent. If you’re the underdog I’d go Jackson because you have to take the risk.

Here’s my team 8 man league .5 PPR

My team is on the left after Fournette’s stinker I am favored by 5 still but projections mean nothing to me

I like what you have. Roll with Jackson and hope for a boom game. Ertz, Barkley, Julio, Adams, and Woods have high floors.

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I have a feeling Ware and Coleman on my bench is gonna come back to bite me in the butt