Ware or Moore?

Standard league. DJ Moore or Spencer Ware now in my flex position? I need a win to make playoffs. Got Gus Edwards and James Conner as RBs and Mike Evans and Antonio Brown as WRs.

Almost the same exact situation was you.

DJ Moore is very enticing. No question he can put up game-breaking numbers and it seems that TB vs CAR is going to be a shootout. There’s a great chance that Moore will be part of it.

Ware on the other hand is the bonafide starting running back and high powered superbowl caliber offense that is playing in a game that could get out of hand early. He needs to get ready for the playoffs, so why wouldn’t KC use these last few weeks to prep him? As an RB he will touch the ball more than Moore.

All that being said, for some inexplicable reason, he seems too good to be true and i feel like there might be some growing pains. I could absolutely be wrong and he steps in and dominates like he should logically do.

As it stands, I would go Ware over Moore but I’ll possibly try to start them both…

I have Gus Edwards and Stefon Diggs, who are both at risk of not playing, so a very well could start both Ware and Moore but if I could only start one today, it would be Ware.

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I’d go with Ware, he’s talented enough in an excellent situation. Think Conner to Bell kind of scenario, don’t expect the exact same results but in fantasy situation is almost as valuable as talent.

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Your question here is low end WR 2/ high end WR3 or a RB1 w/ the best match up. I’ll let you answer your own question