Ware or Wilson jr

What are people’s thoughts on these two. My league is a 1/4 point ppr.

I’m concerned with Spencer Ware’s effficiency and think he’s pretty much TD dependent on a great offense. I already have Hill and Mahomes on the chiefs so I would be tying myself to the fate of the Chiefs.

I feel like Wilson will be involved in both the rushing and passing game and could have a good game.

I’m an underdog this week and need as much upside as possible.

ware for me just because of the offense

I’m in the same group at flex but throw in Dalvin Cook too. The footballers seemed split between Ware and Cook yesterday. Fabs had Wilson out performing Ware. I really think Ware’s value is going to depend on if he gets in the end zone or not and he very well could. Wilson will get some catches but at .25PPR that’s not a major advantage. I’d probably go Ware with your settings between those two.

Yeah that’s the way I’m leaning. Tough blow right now with Melvin Gordon ruled out. Starting Justin Jackson as well.