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The consensus is that he beats out a lot of quality plays. I liked him as Charles’s heir apparent and then he got hurt and Hunt exploded into the starter role. Ware has a chance to be their starter next season if he helps this team win ball games, especially in the post season. He has a lot to play for and has a stellar matchup, no reason not to expect a good outing this week. Hopefully the Chiefs take the noise from Kareems distraction and transfer it to above average play on Sunday (the 2018 Chiefs average that is).

I just read a Yahoo article describing how the Hunt firing went down and the whole thing sucks, especially for the Chiefs. Sounds like if Kareem had just been honest, the Chiefs would have done everything in their power to help him with his problem while remaining a member of their team. More info will be coming in the days and weeks and so far it looks REALLY bad for the NFL, not the Chiefs.

I think one of the biggest take-aways from this article is this:

Firm believer in the importance of handcuffing the RIGHT players. For nearly two decades we’ve seen running backs in Andy Reid’s system excel in fantasy football production. Whether it was Brian Westbrook, LeSean McCoy, Jamaal Charles, or Kareem Hunt, the Offensive Scheme is often more important than the individual player and when it comes to backs in Reid’s system, it really is that simple of plug-n-play.

Dating back to Week 8, the Raiders have allowed: 132 yards (Marlon Mack), 86 yards (Raheem Mostert), 93 yards (Melvin Gordon), 137 yards (David Johnson), and 118 yards (Gus Edwards). Oakland also allowed four rushing TDs in those five games. The minimum for Ware is 75 yards on the ground and 35 yards receiving with a strong chance to find the end-zone.

The Chiefs are a two touchdown favorite over the Raiders, so when the 4th Quarter rolls around, don’t expect to see Patrick Mahomes dropping back and chucking it 70 yards downfield to Tyreek Hill. Instead we should all expect a lot of hand-offs to Ware who will be a Top 12 RB in ALL formats the rest of the season… Spencer Ware is a League Winner!!!

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@Rbins40 TY my friend. I just know that this whole Hunt thing has thrown many, many, many of our fellow FFB’ers into a whole hurricane upheaval!!! I, fortunately didn’t have Hunt, but…I have Gurley. I also have A Jones. (Dav Adams and Evans). It could’ve been a MAJOR WR or ANY OTHER HUGE FFB STUD!!!

Just was thankful that I wasn’t impacted…but…as a fellow poster here…and one that LOVES, LOVES, LOVES everybody here…just was wanting to hopefully offer help for my “friends”!!! :hugs:

I think it was a wake up call for TG400 owners to grab Malcolm brown. NFL is unpredictable and you never know what next week will bring.

Not sure what that is:

figuring it must be something with Gurley, since you made mention of Brown. Either way…taking your comment as a :smiley:

Thanks for the post! I have Jones, Lindsay, Mixon and was able to snatch Ware so I have been mulling over how close they could be… trying out Ware in my flex over Mixon means I will not be starting any RBs that I drafted (Mixon, Collins, Burkhead). I don’t have much to lose as the likes of AJones and Lindsay have already helped me lock up a playoff spot. Just shows how much changes over the season.

Hoped it helped my friend!!! As I mentioned…I didn’t have Hunt…and didn’t manage to grab Ware…but…just was hoping to help my “friends” out here.

Have found a ton of great FFB co-horts here!!! We all have to help each other out!!! As I mentioned…I didn’t have Hunt…but…I know tons of others here prob did…so…hence my post.


:smiley: That’s why we’re here!!! We’re all in this together my friends!!! The more we can pitch in and help each other…….:+1:

I appreciate you. The conversations will definitely continue as Ware has tougher match ups the next few weeks with fantasy playoffs/championships at stake.

Thank you!!! That comment means a lot!!! Just wanting to help my friends here!!!

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