Was gifted a Dynasty team… suggestions?

Was given a Dynasty team and am in need of some QBs. It is a two QB league.

Jimmy G
Aaron Jones
Najee Harris
M Williams
H. Henry

Notable backups
J Meyers

Literally rest of the backups are garbage and aren’t starters. I have someone who wants to trade Tua and Harris for Lamar and Sony M. Taking a huge hit on RB but gaining on QB. My only thought is with my 1st pick in 2022 I can target a RB with a lower QB draft class coming up next year. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

Oh HELL no!

Keep Najee, and your QBs aren’t THAT bad. Remember, it’s a 2 QB league, so your QB score will be an average–which helps bring the stud QBs back to Earth and provides more consistency for the lesser QBs like yours.

I might consider trading McKissic or Henry for a QB upgrade, but not the centerpiece of your team for years to come!

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