Was given two offers. Please help

Was given two offers.

Offer 1: Receive M. Gordon (or L. Fournette) and J. McKinnon.
Send D. Murray and AJ Green

Offer 2: Receive L. McCoy and Amari Cooper.
Send C. Thompson and D. Funchess

12 person league. I’m 4-6 right now.
My Team:
QB: Alex Smith
RB: D. Murray; C. Thompson; C. Anderson; D. Henry; D. Woodhead; M. Forte
WR: AJ Green; M. Crabtree; Juju Smith-Schuster; D. Funchess
TE: V. Davis; C. Clay
D/ST: Eagles; Bengals

I appreciate any insights you can provide. Thanks!

How many wrs do you start? If 2 hate #1 but would probably take in a 3 wr +flex league.

#2 I actually really like. Cooper is drop worthy imo but McCoy is a true blue stud. I think Buffalo will get back on track and his numbers will return to the usual amazing. You have to belive that too otherwise you are getting fleeced.

Thanks Youngus.

It’s 1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, and 1 Flex. My only concern with McCoy is Taylor getting benched. Not sure if McCoy will get as many targets as he as in the past. What do you think?