Was just offered a deal and given an hour to decide!

I was offered antonio brown for desean jackson and tevin coleman.

Full ppr league. Should i pull the trigger and take the risk?

Are you getting Brown? He’s a huge risk as we just never know if he’s really in it or not. But I think it’s a deal that offers far too much to turn down.

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I would be getting brown in return yes.

The trade would give me
Edelman - woods - brown - e. Sanders - tate - and marquise brown at wr.

But it would leave me with
Conner - David johnson - cohen - and jaylen samuels at RB

Hurts my rb depth alittle but brown could put me over the top if he plays. Still worth the risk?

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I’d say yes. Just need to be active in searching for ppr rb depth but every year someone becomes streamable on waivers at rb in ppr.

Tell the guy to take his one-hour ultimatum and shove it.

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I told him i needed more time lol what would you do?

If he adds kyler murray.

So djax and coleman
Brown and kyler


do NOT acquire A. Brown. OAK just voided his guaranteed money after a $233K fine. Brown responded on instagram with a “release me” message. The whole situation is imploding as we speak.

Yeah I figured he saw the most recent blip of news and gave you a one hour time line hoping you wouldn’t see it as it spread viral.

Brown very likely to be released from Oakland. Without pay. I have low confidence he plays in 2019.

As a general rule, don’t trade with people who give you 1 hour ultimatums. Like, if he wanted you to decide before noon sunday so he can set his lineup, fine. But its just poor sportsmanship and a jerk move to do that. Always an ulterior motive going on.

Nonetheless, bad offer. Stay away from AB no matter what

AB has been released. Hope you left him to deal AB to someone else.

Hope you took the deal.

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Hope you took the trade

if you havent already then you should. Their is no question

Because he would be picked up by another team. lol

I was worried about what team but yeah fuck Pats could not go any better!