Was just offered a trade

My team (10 team standard) as of now looks like:
Starters: Rivers, DJ, Howard, M Thomas, Thielen, Walker, Marshawn, streaming defense and kicker

Bench: Demariyus, Goodwin, Cole, Crowder, M Williams, Kerryon Johnson, and Clement

A guy in my league just offered me his CMC and Larry Fitz for my Mike Thomas and Marshawn Lynch. I declined it and was thinking of making a counter offer of:

Thielen and Lynch for CMC and Fitz. Is that something you think he’d accept? Was I dumb to decline his original trade offer?


There’s no way he’d accept that counter. Both CMC and Fitz have higher ADP (and just overall fantasy value) than Thielen and Lynch. (But if he’s dumb enough to accept it, send it)

Personally, since you have a solid RB core, I would have also declined the trade. I probably take the trade if you were in a PPR, but since you’re not I would probably just hold onto M Thomas and the squad you have.

I would’ve taken the initial trade.

Zero % change I would ever take your counter. That’s stupid. Fitz is better than Thielen and CMC is WAY better than lynch. You got too greedy IMO.

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Can I ask what moves the needle for you with CMC in a standard ? Fitz in a (fairly) new offense is a little more concerning to me than rolling out the year with Michael Thomas. I think Marshawn is a solid RB2 with potential to finish high RB2.

Fitz doesn’t really concern me cause there’s literally no one else to target on that offense beside fitz and DJ. And yeah it’s a new offense but not like the offense in last couple years were any good. Honestly Sammy Biscuits is an upgrade to Palmer and is an excellent short/intermediate passer. The game script is going to bad so they’re going to be passing a tonne. 100+ catches for Fitz is almost a guarantee. MT is definitely in a more elite tier but the gap between MT and Fitz and smaller than the gap between CMAC and Lynch for me, standard or not.

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I definitely see your logic.

Personally, for a standard, I feel like it almost feels like a slightly lateral trade to me. I think Marshawn is going to have a great year, so I tend to decline lateral trades.

I do too, just don’t view it as lateral. I think the gap between Lynch and CMAC is pretty massive.

I get the Lynch love, but it’s getting a bit out of control.