Was just offered Gurley for Hyde and Ertz (team inside, should I do it?)

QB: Brees Siemian
My RB: Freeman, Crowell, Hyde, Stewart, JWilliams
My WR: Green, Cooper, TyHill, Parker, Hogan, Agahlor, Kearse
TE: Ertz

Yes. Even with a tough schedule, Gurley is going to get work. You’ll need to pick up a TE, but TE’s are so volatile anyways.

Yea, I’d do that

Engrams and ASJ are on the wire… decent

If it’s standard for sure. If its PPR I’m on the fence. It’s hard to find a waiver wire pick getting as many targets as Ertz is…

I’m fine streaming TE, especially in PPR. Gurley is also getting a ton of receiving work.

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He might throw in Fleener and Engram is on the wire

Do it dude. You’ll be fine streaming.

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