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Was just offered Lamar Miller and Pryor for Marvin Jones and waiver adds


offered Lamar Miller and Pryor for Corey davis, breida, perine and Marvin jones… am I crazy not to accept this??? I got all these players on waiver lol


Anyone? I could use some reassurance… should I accept and go for foreman?


I would take that deal and run.


I would do that


even with golden tate hurt? I still think this is a snag, right?..


Yea for Sure.


side note, would either of you do DT and Watson for jordy?..


I’d do that deal in a heartbeat. Stop posting on here and accept it! As for DT and Watson for Jordy, yes. Jordy is still the number one receiving option and still holds WR 2 value.


told him DT was too much… he countered with jordy and Jamaal Charles for Parker and Watson?