Was just offered this Trade in a Standard 10 team League

I send: Larry Fitzgerald and Alvin Kamara
He sends: Adam Thielen, Sammy Watkins, and Joe Mixon

My WRs: Jordy, Fitz, Alson, Amari
My RBs: D. Martin, L. Miller, T. Coleman, Ty Montgomery, Kamara, Crowell, and Fat Rob.

What do you all think?

It’s kinda a whatever trade for me.

Kamara and mixon are real close in value IMO

And fitz and thielen are real close in value.

You get the extra piece in Sammy Watkins… But most leagues he has been dropped to the waiver wire… So not getting to much.

If you like the trade do it… But it’s basically a wash to me…

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I agree with @Fr0sty11 - I’d rather have Fitz than Thielen, I’d rather have Kamara than Mixon, but Mixon is on the cusp of emerging. You have plenty of depth at the RB though. I personally wouldn’t do that trade.

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