Was Offered a trade for Kareem Hunt... Need some opinions

Standard Scoring I’m current 7-2 with Gurley and Fournette as my RB1’s

I’d give:

K Hunt
D Parker
R Kelley

I’d Receive:

J Mckinnon
D Baldwin
R Woods

What are your guys thoughts?

I think you’re losing in this trade. You’re selling low on Hunt/Parker and buying high on all of his or her guys. I think Hunt is a keep in almost every trade. Parker is a keep for me right now too. It’s up to you, but it depends on if you need wins right now or if you can wait a couple weeks for your guys to pick back up for the playoffs.

Thanks for the advice, John.

Just worried about the lack of touchdowns coming from Hunt and Reid tendency to forget about running the ball. I could replace Parker with Sanu maybe?

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Yeah I think a lot of his owners are. I have him in 4/5 leagues. But if you’re listening to the podcasts everyday, they’re pretty certain that keeping him is a good move. He still has the volume and I think the bye week will be good for them.

As for the Parker/Sanu trade, I think that that is more or less a wash. I you’d be selling Parker right when he’s about to come back to form. I think they both have a decent playoff schedule so they’ll both be good for the rest of the season. If anything, I think Parker may have more upside.