Was offered a Trade-MT

Was offered Michael Thomas and Will Filler for Josh Jacobs and Chris Carson.

Really want Thomas, have no interest in Fuller. I have good RB but don’t want to give up both. Thoughts?


Jacobs, Sanders,Taylor,Carson,Edmonds
Adams,A Rob, Hollywood, Cooks,Jefferson.

I would counter with Jacobs/Sanders for MT/Fuller.

Jacobs unfortunately is suffering from team issues and is currently a match up based starter. I love Jacobs talent but the team is ‘meh’. Sanders is really in the same situation as Jacobs.

Carson is too good to give up right now especially for the inconsistent, often injured Fuller.

You can make a case for Carson for MT, however, you are giving up points right now for the potential points MT will get when he comes back.

You do need some WR depth but at the cost of Jacobs and Carson (mostly Carson), that is a little steep, IMHO.

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Any other thoughts out there. Thanks

Kinda like Carson this year.

Would you rather give up Carson over Jacobs. He might only take Jacobs anyway…

What’s your lineup and scoring format?

I’m thinking stay put. You have Adams coming back , ARob keeps producing no matter who throws the ball, and Jefferson making an impact. 4-deep at RB is fantastic and just means other teams don’t have RB strength.

Only reason I see doing Jacobs for MT is if you’re in a 3WR league

Hi we do 2 RB and 2 WR and then 1 Flex of either one.

Will offer Sanders and see.

Would rather keep the other 3.

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