Was offered C Ridley for my Cam Newton - Accept this?

I have Matt Ryan for the connection as well. Need to pick a QB and trade the other asap regardless with Nov 10 deadline.

This pretty tough, normally i’d say Cam with his rushing floor and how he’s been this year consistency wise for fantasy and has the chance to run in a TD any week and give you a massive ceiling. If it’s 6pt passing TD i may go Ryan here, he’s going to have to throw and throw a lot ROS and both of them have similar schedules for me so i don’t see a massive difference in 4pt passing TDs but in 6pt i give an edge to Ryan but i do like Cam’s week 15 and 16 matchups slightly more.

I don’t think there’s a wrong choice here per say this is just who i would feel more comfortable with. I’ve got Cam picked him late and have been riding him all year and will do ROS but last night i was in full tilt with CAR 21-0 up and Cam in the single digits but he still pulled it back for a decent fantasy day. He makes me nervous but this year he’s just not busted like normal and his schedule ROS is very nice and with his

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Thanks man. Yeah, I need to pretty much win out, too, so not sure whether it might make sense to gamble and play a bunch of Falcons in hopes of continued high scoring affairs.

I also have Sanu, Ito, and Tevin.

Pass. Cam has one of the best ROS QB schedules around and is already QB2 in fantasy.

Ridley continues to be overrated. He just opened up another sell high window with this past week. Before his TD, he had 2 drops and ran a wrong route resulting in an INT. He continues to be a boom bust WR3.

Also, you already have Sanu who i’d rather have. And you have Ito and Tevin. Guess you’re a falcons fan but man, that’s next level homerism. I’m a pats fan and don’t like having both Michel and gronk.

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You are labeled my friend. I look for them in my leagues because i know I can pull one over on them in trades.

Lol I fully admit to unhealthy homerism levels, but it’s based on semi-legit rationale…my opponent has Julio so I think I can negate his high scoring upside as much as possible with not only Ryan but also any Falcon offensive true threat. If it’s a game that Julio does well in, chances are someone else will also succeed of that bunch (obviously Ryan). So, just trying to ride Julio’s coattails as much as possible haha. That was ridiculous to type out as an argument. Prob not a good sign for my true feelings deep down about this trade.

Don’t ruin my Falcon dream man!

Hey, I get it. If thats how you want to play, do it if thats what makes it fun. I was in discussion about Melvin this morning and I have Rivers and Keenan and I knew that if it were accepted I would have to trade Keenan afterwards.

i 100% agree with playing Ryan but I’d be playing him regardless of whether or not I’m facing JJ, he’s putting up big numbers this year. In fact, he doesn’t really negate JJ much given JJ doesn’t score TDs. Don’t understand the logic on the other part at all. Using multiple roster slots to “negate” his high scoring upside seems silly to me. You basically end up capping your own upside and then there’s a word where JJ goes off and none of the other players really have that big of a game where as you could have just played better players from other teams.