Was Offered D.Johnson for Colts DST

Hey I was offered Wr D.Johnson for my Colts DST. I’m not playing them this week as I’m going with the WFT defense cuz of their matchup. I’m not really interested in that deal but I wanted to get ppls opinion of if I should counter for someone else and finish the year streaming defenses rest of the year?

Yes Colts RoS schedule sucks.

Hey @puffplants should I take the trade as is or ask for a different piece?

My team
RBs: CMC, Sanders, Hunt, Gibson, and Taylor
WRs: Golladay, Godwin, AJ Brown, Claypool, Jefferson
TE: (Lost Kittle) Ebron at least this week and Goedert

His team:
RBs: Cook, Jones, Mostert, Montgomery, Bell, Hasty
WRs: Adams, MT, A Rob, JuJu, Higgins, M.Willams,
TE: Andrews


HELL YEAH. I always stream defenses anyway. I wouldn’t even want a top defense because then I would just have to worry about how to make roster space on their bye week and no matter how good a defense is, I won’t play even the top D against a top offense. I’ll take a solid WR2 with WR1 upside over any defense any day. Even if you don’t need Diontae, since you have depth, you can flip him for way more than you would’ve been able to for that defense.

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@Branhammer, I already have Claypool should ask for A rob instead? Or target someone else?

I misread that and thought you meant David Johnson, but my point still stands. Diontae has massive upside, especially this week.

As far as A Rob, I LOVE his remaining schedule. The problem for me is that he plays for a bad offense and an atrocious QB (both of them). That being said, you don’t have a lot of “safe” options at WR. With Golladay out, most of your WRs are boom/bust. So I’d say yes, maybe try to get A Rob, however I would be shocked if he accepted. Diontae is already a fantastic deal for a defense.

I’m worried about all Johnson’s injuries so far and add into the fact I have Claypool. Is a rob a better pickup than Johnson? I don’t feel like could flip Johnson for a better piece later.

A Rob is for sure a better pickup as far as consistency goes, but if I had him, I wouldn’t trade him for any DST. But…I wouldn’t trade Johnson for any DST either, so there’s that. If Diontae has a big game this week like he should (@Dal), you could either keep him or sell high on him right after. OR even better, Johnson and Claypool both have huge games and you could sell either one of them or even both of them.

I don’t know what kind of scoring your league uses for DST but I can tell you this trade wouldn’t have a chance of happening in most leagues. DST are a dime a dozen.

Hes seems open to the move to negotiations. He’s open to Montgomery, ARob or Johnson. Who would you take?

Robinson. But I’d check if the other trader had a trauma to his head once you get him.

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Now he’s going after brown and the Colts d. He’s offering Montgomery, Robinson, and 3rd piece? Any suggestions? Or should I shoot higher?

Hey @Branhammer and @Mr_Wind-up_Bird, here’s the offer Colts D and Godwin or Golladay for Montgomery and Arob. Good deal or decline?

In my opinion I really don’t like colts d upcoming schedule so I’d be wanting to stream probably. I’d personally look at this as Golladay or Godwin for Robinson and Montgomery. I think I’d prefer to deal Golladay but yes I’d be feeling very good about the deal your end.

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Dude, I want to be in this league where I could trade a top 15 WR for a defense.
I have the Colts everywhere and after this week(I think they’ll do well against Baltimore) I’m moving on. Hoping to snag Chicago, Miami, Washington for playoffs.

Was able to trade colts dst and Godwin for A Robinson and Montgomery. Feeling pretty good about the move. Thanks everyone for the advice!

I would do that deal in a heartbeat. (Assuming you mean diontae Johnson and not dernest Johnson lol) diontae in my opinion kinda looks like a poor mans antonio brown back when he was a steeler, the kid is really talented and a target hog when healthy. Plus defenses aren’t so volitile, you could just stream defenses in good matchups the rest of the season. I personally think Johnson is a top 20 wr rest of season

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Are* so volatile

Thanks for the feedback. I ended up making a deal for A Rob and Montgomery for the Colts DST and Godwin. I didn’t go for Diontae because I already have Claypool and didn’t want to decide btw the two them. Plus Johnson’s injury history.

If you have Claypool then yeah get Allen.

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