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Was offered Doug Baldwin for Tarik Cohen


This is half point and feels like a definite yes but what do you think…?

My other RBs right now are:
chris carson,


Based solely on name value, it’s a very definite “yes.”

Buuuuut with Howard on the mend and the Bears playing from behind early and often, Cohen has been getting some nice workloads and could be in line for more. The entire Seattle offense, on the other hand, can’t seem to get anything going.

For me, it would really come down to what your WR depth looks like. Cohen could very well end up being an every week starter with Murray an injury risk, the Lions run game being mediocre at best, and Carson running behind a bunch of traffic cones for linemen.


WR depth right now is:
michael thomas,
larry fitz,


And I assume your roster positions are WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, W/R/T?


2WR, 2RB, TE, 2FLEX (w/r/t), so an extra flex spot


I’ll preface this by saying that I’m not sure I’ll necessarily draw a conclusions here… just trying to help you think through it.

You have two (maybe three) consistent WRs in Thomas, Fitz, and (maybe) Kupp. Watkins and Decker are more TD-dependent, I think, and therefore more “boom/bust.” OTOH, you have mayyyybe one consistent RB among those three. If DeMarco could stay healthy, he’d be the guy, but this is the second time he’s had hammy issues this season. Carson looks good so far, but his O-line is abysmal and Rawls/Prosise may challenge him for touches. Abdullah looked pretty good last night, but that game script was heavily in his favor and it’s been pretty well-known that the Lions run game isn’t great.

My feeling on Cohen is that - with Howard banged up, the receiving corps in Chicago being SO limited, and them playing from behind (presumably) a LOT… he’s going to be a pretty solidly consistent PPR player with TD upside like we saw week 1.

I don’t know what your Waiver Wire looks like, but with only those three RBs, I think I’d have to hold onto Cohen if I were in your shoes. Unless you can go grab a Buck Allen or something to reinforce your RB depth.


Yeah I think my whole team situation isn’t great so I’m trying to make moves to even set up later trades. I might counter offer for an RB potentially but haven’t decided yet. Thanks a lot for all the help man! really appreciate it.