Was offered Hooper for Coleman...help?

I need some Trade advice. I feel like this trade works out for both teams, but we’re both fighting for a playoff spot and I think him having Coleman makes him better! But HHenry still has a bye week and hoopers is this week.

Being offered Austin Hooper for T. Coleman.
My RBs: AJones, TColeman, DMontgomery, SMichel, CHyde, AMattison, LMurray
WR: DAdams, Juju, DJMoore, McLaurin
TE: HHenry

His team:
RB: Mccaffrey, Breida, JMixob, DWilliams,
WR: TYHilton, CGodwin, CKirk, Corey davis, MVS, Demarkus Robinson
TE: Austin hooper, Evan Engram

Nah, if I were you I’d keep tevin Coleman. The delta in points between hooper and Henry vs Coleman and your next best RB either michel/Hyde or even Montgomery is net negative for you IMO. I’d rather plug Coleman w/ shanahan and that best o line.

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Thanks, I was thinking it would work out for both teams, but he would come out stronger in the end

Would you counter Coleman for Godwin

That’s a tough one. I would prefer a Hooper to Coleman but you already have Henry.