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Was offered Joe Mixon for Sammy Watkins


Non-PPR, 2 WR/2 RB/1 Flex

I have Jordy, Diggs & Tate @ WR
Howard, Montgomery, Abdullah, Perine & Kamara @ RB

Not really a necessity either way but I feel that Mixon just has better upside later in the season.
Guess I am just looking for reassurance.


Well after tonight I’m pretty sure you can get more than just mixon!

Just wondering what’s the upside you see in Mixon’s situation?

All I see is a rookie playing for a coach that doesn’t give rookie RB’s a chance no matter how good they are. On a team with an O-line that lost key parts. With a QB that is struggling and some are saying that AJ Mccarron showed enough last year for a QB controversy to start brewing.