Was offered Julio Jones and Tevin Coleman for Aj Green?

Aj green has been fairly consistent and i expect or hope that Jones will pop off soon to
RBs right mow are Gurly, Buck, A Jones and an injured Ty Montgomery
WRs are Cooks, Dez and Fuller
Should i except this trade?
standard league

No way jones hasn’t had a touchdown yet this season. Coleman has more redzone targets than him. You have 3 decent WRs

I personally would accept this trade because I view Julio and AJ to be the same season long. You’re getting a top teir WR along with a startable RB3 flex with upside. I like it

I’d use one of those guys to try and get a stud rb instead

I’m thinking of accepting, I’ve been looking at matchups
I see the upside with the 2 falcons, but greens matchups other than 2 weeks seem like consistent handouts
Also my first season playing fantasy and despite my league mates trying to mess with me left and right I’m 4-2

Try cooks and dez for trade bait. Maybe for Doug martin or something like that. AJ green and fuller will be studs for you.