Was offered lamar miller for cam newton

My cam and sammy watkins for his matt ryan and lamar miller.

Would be upgrading my flex position

1/2 ppr

Good depth move?

what other Wr’s and Rb’s do you have on your roster? I see cam for Ryan as a downgrade

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I just don’t see it. Cam’s way better than Matt Ryan, and Cam has weapons to use again. So you downgrade at QB.
Then you look at Watkins v. Miller, which might be a downgrade some weeks.

1 definite downgrade + 1 maybe downgrade = you need to ask for a third piece from the offerer.

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Rbs: Dj, mixon, james white, montgomery
Wrs: Larry fitz, Dbaldwin, Stills, Mike williams

Ryan is definitely a downgrade, but I would be doing this more-so for the upgrade in my flex position and rb depth

Yea, I see what you are aiming for in an extra flex player with what you have. I believe it’s too risky, the upside to Cam is way to high I believe to settle for Ryan, and honestly we don’t know what type of back Lamar is going to be with Deshaun back. (I have him as well) I personally believe with you giving away cam and Watkins you should try for a third player. I would try it so you get a solid flex option. But getting rid of cam is tough

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