Was Offered Zeke for M Thomas

Zeke owner also has Alf, definitely wouldn’t make a trade without both of them in the deal. Would Zeke and Alf for M Thomas be too risky? I feel like he probably wouldn’t even do it but I could either win my league with this trade or be trading away my best receiver for nothing. I am deep at receiver though…

QB - Russell Wilson
WR - Thomas, Crabtree, Jeffery, Tate, Thielen
RB - D Murray, T Coleman, James White, D Henry
TE - Ertz
K - Butker

please help!

Having Demarco+Henry and Zeke+Alf might be detrimental since they will take up a lot of space on your bench. Just think what you’re gonna need to do next week when Ertz is on bye, who would you drop?