Was Teddy B the worst thing to happen to DJ Moore?

Its so frustrating having DJ Moore on my team. 2 targets… with 3 min left in the game. He just doesn’t get looked at even when he is open

Turned him into DJ less. I hope they trade him to the packers

He was burning down the league at 22 with a bottom 5 QB. Now with Teddy B and another year under his belt he’s a 4 target guy?! Get outta here. This is just bad coaching and QB play at this point

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Infuriating. I drafted him as a high floor player. Thinking there’s nowhere but up to go after Kyle Allen… who wouldve thought?


It’s just brutal!! He is constantly open and when he gets the ball he makes something happen and Bridgewater just seems to hate him. How as a coaching staff you aren’t designing plays for him and telling yourself to get him the ball

I mean it’s insanity. Bridgewater is acting like he just discovered a brand new player on that final drive. Like he didn’t know this player went for 1200 yards last year…

Yup, it’s every week. The 4th quarter hits and Bridgewater just goes oh yea I forgot I have DJ Moore on my team