Was this a bad move? Trade accepted

Traded away chark, Sony michel, and lesean McCoy for Bell and Thielan

The rest of my team:
Lamar Jackson
Josh Allen
Chris Godwin
Mike Evans
Michael Gallup
Golden Tate
Chris Carson
Melvin Gordon
49 def

Plan on picking up a kicker to stream this week and then likely a RB off waiver next week (currently some decent options on waivers, Mixon, jamaal Williams, jaylon samuels, or I can grab handcuff pollard.

Thielen’s hurt, and I don’t trust Bell with the Jets’ O. I wouldn’t have made the trade. But your roster looks deep enough that it shouldn’t cost you really.

Since the trade is done maybe you can flip each individually for other pieces? I see no TEs for example.

I really like the trade and would have done that.

Not bad. I honestly really like Chark and his potential rest of season but have Bell, Carson, and Zeke will be a great RB field

How have you liked the Godwin and Evans tandem? I’m considering moving Kupp for Godwin to pair him up with Evans.

Oops I forgot TE. I have hunter Henry.

I have mixed feeling about the godwin Evans combo… but as crazy as it sounds it has been working. It keeps me from tilting when one has an amazing game and the other tanks. Atleast I get the upside regardless. And on average between the two I get 40 points each week so it’s working well.

Bell has such a great matchup lineup going forward I feel like he’s gotta he a stellar flex play to get me to the playoffs

Really great trade. Also your team is so stacked I don’t even think it matters lol you’re playing Godwin and Evans ahead of thielen, and Elliot and probably Carson ahead of Bell

Man you would think… lol I look at my team on paper and am like “yea sure, that’s a top team or at worst second”

I’m currently in 6th… I’ve lost 3 games by less than 7 points and each time had over 25 points sitting on the bench… seems I have the worst luck guessing who to sit and who to start every week.

Last 3 weeks I’ve tried a bunch of 2 for 1 and 3 for 2 trades to try to get higher ceiling players and less “reliable floor players” and plan to fill my bench with more handcuffs instead. Here’s to hoping the second half of the season goes better for me!

Well if you’re in an 8 team league it makes more sens,me, your team is stacked but in this case other people also would have stacked teams lol

10 team league full PPR

That’s a very impressive roster, drafted well… I’m surprised ur only in 6th haha