Was this a bad trade?

I gave up Jordan Howard and Lamar Miller for Dalvin Cook full PPR
My other RBs are nick Chubb, Melvin Gordon, and Kerryon Johnson
I really like Dalvin Cooks playoff schedule and I wouldn’t start the other two rbs I gave away

You definitely could squeeze more out of it. If cook stays healthy it’s not as worse as my Cook for Barkley in Week 2…:joy:

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I think it was a good trade. Cooks has this bye week to continue to rehad and he did great this last game. Someone dropped him and I just picked him up last week! STUD!

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I have pretty good depth with Rbs so I figured I could give some up for a more talented RB and yeah watching him break that run last week is what made me want to go through with this trade

U got Barkley for cook in week 2? That trade really worked out for you

I think this is a fine trade. Any trade where I am selling JOHO for value, I’m taking.


Nah, I got Cook for Barkley… 1-5 the first 6 games…

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