Was this a good trade for me?

So I traded Nick Chubb, George Kittle, and Tyrell Williams and I got…

Davante Adams, Kenyan Drake, and Denzel Mims; Did I win this trade?
I feel pretty good about it but I want some additional opinions.

The league is 12 team PPR and my roster is as followed after trade.

QB: Aaron Rodgers.
RB1: Kenyan Drake.
RB2: Jonathan Taylor.
WR1: Davante Adams.
WR2: Keenan Allen.
TE: Travis Kelce.
Flex: James White.
K: Harrison Butker.

Deebo Samuel.
Michael Gallup.
Larry Fitzgerald.
Alshon Jeffry.
Michael Pittman.
Denzel Mims.
Carlos Hyde

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Welcome to the Fantasy Footballers forum @Fredrik87!

Is this dynasty/keeper/redraft?

This trade puts you in more of a contender position in any format. So it’s good in that sense. However, I prefer the Chubb/Kittle side of the trade if this is dynasty.

It is redraft so I guess I came out well then.

Yeah seems balanced for how your team looks after

Howdy and welcome!

Until I saw it is redraft I was going to say I would rather the Chubb side hands down. However, knowing now it is redraft I think it is an even trade. I still like the Chubb side more but I can see how someone might like Drake. It is really preference at this point than a slam dunk.

I can see PPR tipping conceptually towards Drake.

I do think your roster looks good. Seeing you with Kelce offsets the loss of Kittle. Taking that into account (no loss at TE production), the trade seems to favor you.

It looks like a push to me. I do not think you hurt your team. In the end if you like it better, in trades like this where there are not clear winners, then it definitely was a good trade.

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