Was this a good trade?

12-man, ppr league.

Traded amari cooper and received michael thomas

My team:

Qb1. Dak prescott
Rb1. Mccoy
Rb2. Mcaffrey
Wr1. Cooper
Wr2. Tyreek hill
Flex. Davante adams
Te. Zach ertz
K. Prater
Def. Rams

-Doug martin
-Theo riddick
-Tyrell williams
-John brown
-Andrew luck
-Charles clay

P.S. I really think I made a mistake with mcaffrey and was wondering if anyone had suggestions on making a move for an rb.

Thank you

Your team looks fine to me. I am no expert. I would not panic. I am not a McCaffrey fan, but his usage will increase in my opinon especially in closer games; passing game too - Newton will use him. I feel that Thomas has a higher floor in PPR, but Cooper has a higher ceiling. I have Cooper. I believe he finishes top 15 this year.

I don’t have any thoughts to improve your RB2.

I hope this helps. Have a great season.

You didn’t make a mistake with McCaffrey. They were force feeding him the ball. He was just bottled up by a front 7 filled with first round picks. The Niners don’t have a ton of talent, bit what they do have is a very good front 7. McCaffrey is going to be heavily involved and GREAT, especially in PPR. His usage dropped once the game was in hand. No need to risk injury to such an important piece. They aren’t holding every team to 3 points.

As far as that trade, I think it’s fine. Probably a coin flip. On one hand, I don’t love playing saints on the road, but on the other Cooper has more serious competition for targets.

Thank you guys