Was this a mistake?

I’m currently 6-0

Probably hurt you in the shortrun because I assume the backup QB you have, or are going to pickup on waivers won’t be as good as Allen. I think Allen will be a top 10 if not top 5 QB for the next 5 weeks. But after that Mahomes will be better. So as long as you can win a couple of those weeks and still make the playoffs it will be better for your team.

oh yeah

It’s a 2 qb league. I have Wilson and Carr.

Carr is bad. No one better on the waivers? I know in a 2 QB league they are tough to come by.

A little risky with Mahomes’s timetable still subject to change, but don’t mind it if you’re stacked. He’ll help down the stretch and in the playoffs

There is absolutely no one. I’m sure Moore will be gone before I can claim him

Probably. Can’t tell for sure without the rest of your team