Was this a stupid trade

Based off of today’s pod I probably made a bad decision, but already went through with it

I get

Matt Breida
Josh Gordon

He gets

Tevin Coleman
Nelson Aghoolar
Jamison Crowder

I have Julio, Tyreek and Cooper as my other WR so didn’t really need Agholar. And needed a starter RB.
Now if Gordon has a good game or 2 I will try to make another trade to up my RBs again.

My other RBs are Alex Collins, Corey Clement, Jordan WIlkins, Dion Lewis.

Yeah, sorry. I’d take the Coleman side. Comfortably.

Yea part of my problem is no one ever wants to trade and I just like making moves. to keep it interesting…

Sounds like you need a better league

at least a quarter of the league listens to the podcast though so its starting to get better…

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