Was this trade collusion?

So back right before week 3, I traded Josh Gordon, will fuller, and miles Sanders for dj Moore, Jaylen Samuels and tj hockenson. I then immediately dropped Samuels and hockenson for terry mclaurin and mark Andrews, as I only really wanted moore and needed to make space for mclaurin and andrews. Several members of the league claim this is collusion and that I gave away good players to get nothing in return. Can I get people’s thoughts on this?

I mean I would be a little leery if I was in your league honestly.

Basically you traded Gordon, Fuller, and Sanders (all fairly highly thought of at the time) for DJ Moore since you ended up dropping the other 2.

My question is why didn’t you do a 1 for 1 trade or trade 2 of those guys for DJ Moore straight up since I know you could have gotten that deal most likely. Why trade all 3 and get all 3 back if you are just planning to drop 2?

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not sure how that could be seen as collusion. Either way that guy would have to have dropped two players. And if you want to pick up the other guys (which you should and did) has nothing to do with the trade.

My logic at the time was that all 3 of my guys weren’t as valuable as people thought and that if I could get something for them, I should. This was after AB’s game and before he was released, so gordon looked like the 3rd guy on a team that didnt really use him how they should, fuller wasnt going to get enough work in a crowded receiving core, and sanders looked pretty bad on the ground the first 2 weeks. Also, moore had 24 targets through 2 weeks so I saw him as a definite upgrade over those 3, and I also liked mclaurin and Andrews more than any of my 3.
It definitely doesnt help that I havent been able to use moore with cam out, but they way I saw it, I was trading 3 guys for 1 and the space to sign 2 more that I really liked.

Exactly. Like would it have been better if I did the 3-for-1 straight up and just let him drop the players I would have?

I mean that’s exactly what you did. You traded 3 for 1. Which I am not against the idea. Just the guys you gave up for Moore would have seemed like a big overpay for me at the time. Would I think collusion? No. At the time I would have thought it was a terrible trade for you.

In the end though the trade didn’t really work for either of you, at least not yet. Besides that one week Fuller scored 50 points :joy:

I mean I guess it worked better for you since you picked up McLaurin and Andrews have been decent/good.

Yeah and the guy that got him had no reason to even play him that week. I’ve gotten a couple good games out of mclaurin though, and if this trade led to me getting him, I’m pretty happy with my side.