Wash sale Trade? 4 for 4

10 team Full PPR league. I wanted to make a Blockbuster trade. I was willing to give up an L this week for hopefully a solid team to make a playoff run.

I trade AWAY:
Lamar Miller
Carlos Hyde
Devante Adams

Matt Breida
Travis Kelce
Jarvis Landry
Leveon Bell

The trade partner is in dire straights at RB depth. He started Lindsay and Breida. Landry is his WR1. I am comfortable with my depth that I am interested in Bell long term. Both of us have 1-2 record. I view it as a win-win. However, I got no response (text or app) so I cancelled trade (don’t like to leave it out in the ether in case of injury while pending).

Is this a fair trade?

My roster (prior to waiver day and this trade)
QB- Dalton
RB- Gordon
RB- Miller
WR- AJ Green
WR- D Adams
TE- Kittle
FLEX- Tate

BN- Cooper
BN- Ingram
BN- Hyde
BN- Edelman
BN- Enunwa
BN- Buck Allen
BN- Clement

This trade is a massive upgrade for you.

The one and only concern is AJ’s health, but I haven’t heard anything indicating he has a legitimate injury so I’m assuming he’s OK.

Falcones- and I am willing to eat another L this week. I agree ROS this is an upgrade but affords him the opportunity to have legit starters now. I do not want to “rip him off” though. Is it too unbalanced?

Not a rip off at all. He is getting two locked in and active starting RB’s and a top 5 WR who is better than his WR1. You’re giving him immediate results. He’s giving you the possibility of a huge payoff ROS, but not much in the way of immediate results (aside from Kelce). It is both good for you and a fair trade. Go for it.