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Watkins, Allen, or Alshon?


I have to choose one for my keeper.

Leaning towards Watkins, but Allen is close. Alshon is farther down my list, but my can be changed.


Watkins! I’m big on him this year, I really think if he hits we finally see a year of the explosive talent. Alshon and Allen are good picks, no doubt. Allen will be great in PPR if he’s healthy, and Alshon should get lots of RZ targets in Philly, but I gotta go with the ceiling in Watkins.


Which round you will be giving for each one? Depends on that, but I’m leaning towards Watkins.


@antonio_contreras I should have mentioned that I do not have to give up draft picks.


Watkins has my vote, his ceiling is too high to pass up. If you’re really high on Allen I could see an argument for that, but I’m trying to avoid Alshon this year.


I’d say it’s definitely between Watkins and Allen. All 3 are injury risks. I’d go Watkins simply because I think it’s finally time for his to shine and if he can stay healthy he has the highest ceiling to pass up. I think I’d definitely try to balance out his risk factor with my other WR choices but he’d be my pick as keeper.


Then Watkins is the pick.


If there’s no pick taken away, then def Watkins


Yeah, I have nothing new to add here. WATKINS.