Watkins for an 2019 1st?

Sammy Watkins and a 3rd 2019 for an 2019 1st, I have 2 1st rd pk in 2019. 12 team ppr dynasty

It depends who you have on your current roster for WRs. If you have strong and younger WRs, you probably do not need Watkins and keep the 1st to continuing feeding your player pipeline. If your WRs are older, Watkins would benefit your roster because he is good WR2 or WR 3 with high upside. The 1st round pick would not benefit you for a couple years (especially since it takes longer for a WR to develop).

This was a rebuild team for sure. Traded mike Thomas before draft. Got a great haul for him but left me with an void for an wr1. We start 2 and have two flex spots. I’m left w Cory Davis, sterling Sheppard, Josh Doctson, Paul Richardson, Dede Westbrook, moncrief, Will fuller, geronimo Allison, and Anthony miller.

Sorry which side are you on? If you are on the receiving end of Watkins, I would do this trade in a heart beat. Watkins is better 90% of 1st rounders you will get. If you are giving up watkins, then hell no would I do this trade. I wouldn’t do Watkins for a 1st straight up so in no world would I do Watkins AND a 3rd. Maybe if you knew that it was going to be a very early first, then maybe could consider.

I’d be receiving Watkins.

Just up in air. I feel like there’s a lot of talent to contend with and an 2nd yr qb. Could be in same situation he was in with the rams.

Take this deal. Right now before they change their mind.

Yeah ofcourse there is risk but there’s also massive upside. Reid didn’t pay the guy 16M a year to have him be a distraction. Completely diff situation with rams. With the rams, he joined the team after missing the entire offseason/training program. He was on a one year deal. They rams basically needed a distraction and he still scored 8 TDs. Now he is with Reid, on a long term contracts, has a fresh slate with a new QB where he doesn’t have to compete against the rapport of Smith/Hill.

And name me one prospect in the upcoming draft that you won’t have question marks about? Not to mention, Watkins is still insanely young. People seem to forget like WRs take a long time to develop. He is only 25 and already has 2 1K seasons under his belt. And one of the other seasons was a write off due to injury. And I already talked about the last season above.

Personally, I will take Watkins over any WR prospect coming up in the next draft. There are more questions involved with any coming prospect than Watkins.

Don’t make the mistake of being that guy that isn’t willing to take a risk on a proven asset due to dreaming about someone who has yet to step on an NFL field.

EDIT: Not to mention you have 2 1st rounders so not like you won’t be able to participate in next years draft if you make this trade. AND you’re getting a 3rd which you can probably use to move up in the draft next year if there is someone you really like in the 1st.

sounds like a fair deal if you believe in Mahomes. I would definitely try to give the lower 2019 first though.