Watkins or DJ Moore this week?

14 team league, standard scoring. Who do you guys like better? Of note, I am playing the Cam owner this week so DJ Moore could be somewhat of a hedge, plus the matchup seems more enticing, and Hill seems full-strength again. Tough to know who to roll with, any thoughts would be appreciated!

Bumping up. Let me know what you guys think any insight would be appreciated.

If it were my team I am going Watkins because I like the upside more of a passing attack, I think hill will be in there but i feel like he is being rushed back and maybe get injured again

So it looks like Hill logged a full practice this week. I’m so torn between the two since Moore will have a shootout with TB I’m sure, but KC offense is rolling. What are your guys’ thoughts? Guy I’m playing this week had Jalen Richard get 4 points to start, and I’m projected to win by 11 points.