Watkins or DJ Moore this week

14 team league standard scoring. Who would you guys rather start this week? Leaning Watkins but you can’t ignore Moore’s matchup with TB. Guy I’m playing already had Jalen Richard only get 4 points, currently favored to win by 11 plus he also has Diggs so may have to find a replacement. Thanks for the help guys!

DJ Moore. He is going to explode Sunday. This isn’t just talk for me, I’m starting him over Diggs, Sutton, and KJ.

Consider these factors:

-He’s explosive
-He’s fresh
-Number 1 QB throwing to him
-Playing against horrible pass defense
-Opposing team has good enough offense to create a shootout
-Tory Smith is out

Good points. And I forgot to mention that my opponent also has Cam so playing Moore would be a good hedge.