Watkins or Michel Flex PPR H E L P

Up 15. He has Gronk and Butker tonight I have Michel in my Flex right now, but could swap in Watkins. Which is the better play?

Michel game time decision, knowing bellichek he could dress him and still give the ball to white and barber instead and that scares the hell out of me.

Please, help.

Damn that is a very tough call. I’m playing MIchel in my leagues out of necessity. But if he’s active, hard for me to sit him. Watkins isn’t a bad play though. You know pats will sell out to stop the best weapon of the chiefs which is Hill which should mean opportunities for Watkins. Hard to sit Michel though if he’s active vs the chiefs run D

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Yeah that’s what giving me issues, his matchup is so good but it’s so hard to trust the pats even when players are active they can just gameplan them out for whatever reason. So hopefully they either sit him so my decision is made for me or I have a lot to go back and forth on the next <2 hours

Thanks man

Really tough. I’m playing Michel over Watkins but its standard. PPR makes the choice way harder. If Michel plays I think he has the higher floor, which might be more important for you given the position your team is in.

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That’s what I’m thinking too, if I was down I would go Watkins

Michel is active so I think I’m sticking with him.

Thanks for everything guys

Good luck buddy. I’m in a shootout. I need Michel to put up or I’m totally effed.

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Same to you man. If Watson, Bears D or Howard did ANYTHING today I wouldn’t be worried myself but…here I am.

I too, had Watson and bears D and I play in a 6 TD / -4 Int league…the pain was too real. And I had baker in my SF slot. it’s been a long day.

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