Watkins/Uzomah for Kupp?

14 team league. Kupp owner has Watson as his TE. I have Burton and just picked up Uzomah. Should I offer Watkins/Uzomah for Kupp? I know Kupp has that sprain so it’s risky but I have AJ (week 9 bye) and Thielen (week 10 bye) with Lockett as backup. Also debating what to do with Burton as well, may consider packaging him with Watkins for a WR upgrade as well (Golladay or Tate). Thoughts?

Any thoughts guys? Thanks! Tough to know what to do with Burton.

I’d offer Burton and Watkins

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Burton and Watkins for Kupp or try to get Golladay?

You can try and offer it. As a kupp owner myself, I can tell you I wouldn’t even respond. Same with Kenny G and Tate.