Watkins vs. Agholor

League: standard
wr: hilton, jones jr., watkins, agholor, hurns, garcon

Should I start Watkins or Agholor fo last wr spot?

watkins plays chargers & I have Chargers DEF (not super important but nonetheless)

In a standard league, it’s closer, but probably still going Agh. If you play watkins, you’re praying for a TD basically.

I have been debating on starting Agholor in my flex all week and after some more research this morning, I am going to take a shot on him.

*Foles favorite target
*10 Targets per game under Foles
*Good matchup
*Likely a high scoring Falcons Offense means playing from behind which = passing.

Here’s hoping!

I would go with Agholor. Primetime game against Atl, should be a shootout, Alshon not playing, spells a good opportunity for Agholor.

I think Watkins will be fine this year, but no way I would start him this week. Facing a very tough defense in what is essentially Mahomes first real pro game, no thanks.

If you were ‘praying for a touchdown’ last year with Watkins he delivered 50% of the time as he had 8 in 16 game season (I think he only actually played in 15). That’s not bad to take a flyer on if you need upside because that touchdown would most likely come on a big play.

Weather is bad tonight in Philly at the moment but looks to be clearing.

I’m not looking for coin flips of basically zero production or 10 point games. And it was in 5 games he scored 2 in one game. Want to know what he scored in the games without a TD? He scored less than 4 points 8 times. If you’re looking to coin flip for your starting rosters, go ahead, I would personally to bet on better odds.

Also, you’d be wrong to think that they came on big plays. Most of his TDs were from within the 10 yard line. They used him heavily in the red zone cause he is good in that area. Give it to him on a short screen and let him do the rest.

He also got those 8 TDs as one of the teams primary red zone weapons. He was probably the best option not named todd gurley and definitely the best option as a WR.

in KC, he is maybe the 3rd best option after Kelce and Hunt. Completely different situation.

Foles loves throwing to Agholor

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I agree Watkins is a less stable week to week play.

Also, his usage in L.A. doesn’t quite represent how he was used for the majority of his career. He was traded late and missed camp so all they did with him was set him up on one side of the field and have him play the outside.

Reid is already moving him all over formations and has had him set up in the ‘x’ so that looks like it is going to be better for him production this year already. It’s crowded, but they paid up for him so I think he is going to be in the mix. He averages 15.7 ypc for his career. Last year Hill averaged 15.8 in a year in which all of his touchdowns were long distance. So if Sammy isn’t a big play threat then I guess Hill isn’t either?

I don’t think Hill can repeat that feat this year just based on law of averages so there is some room for Sammy to be relevant, but most weeks I think it will be a ‘hail mary’ I don’t see him getting a ton of targets just because of all of the weapons in that offense, but I don’t think it’s a stretch to say he could get 50 catches and if he does that at his career average that would equate to around 800 yards and the rest of his value would be touchdown dependent. If he repeated the 8 from last year with that line that would be a pretty nice fantasy season bordering on WR2 range. That’s averaging only around 3 catches per game and I think that is easily doable for him there.

Having typed all of that, Nelson is a great play until Alshon and Wentz get back. I never argued that in my original post. I simply stated check the weather because it was raining. Turns out they delayed the start and things look to have cleared out for the time being so all looks good there.

Agree with your assessment of Watkins.

50/800/8 is a decent WR2 line on the season. The problem, as I alluded to above is figuring out when to actually play him. Cause he’s either scoring you like 15 or like 2-3 points. That’s not something I want to try and figure out.

Also this “moving him all over the field” narrative is cool and all but the chemistry clearly isn’t there. Had like same targets as hill in pre season except hill put up like a TD and 180 yards, watkins put up like 1 catch for 14 yards.

I’m going to wait and see with Watkins before I start trusting him in any of my line ups.

Hills is a much better deep play threat than Watkins. I don’t even think that’s debatable at this point.

That’s very fair.

It didn’t show in the preseason games but there has been a lot of talk in practice of PM and Watkins coming along nicely on chemistry. Wait and see seems like a good approach. It is still incredibly frustrating when you have a guy put up a ‘goose egg’ or close to it. Watkins is a high ceiling/low floor guy for sure.

Hill is several years younger and has several less injuries than Watkins so yeah I can’t debate he’s better, but Watkins can still take one to the house. He hasn’t devolved into someone that is just a ‘size guy’ like Kelvin Benjamin.

100% with you on this. I’m actually a Watkins supporter. I just need to see it translate to the field. I think he’s plenty talented. those 1K yard seasons didn’t just come out of thin air. With Tyrod Taylor none the less.

I think with him it’s mostly been the injuries. He graded out as good as A.J. Green at the combine. The skill and physical ability is there.

No one doubts the skill or physical ability. His route running needs work. Probably because everyone has just forced him into the X and run the go and 9. His route precision and technical proficiency leaves much to be desired.

Combine only matters for so long. We now have 4 years of film of him playing in the NFL. I value that a lot more.

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