Watson and DT for JORDY?

I know DT went off last night but this is enticing… I have parker, keenan and pryor as well for whatever that’s worth…

Normally yes but with Rodgers going down I’m not sure how much Jordy’s value is going to take a hit. Do you have another viable QB option?

I have Dak

I told him DT was too much… he countered with jordy and Jamaal Charles for Parker and Watson?

No I wouldn’t do that with DT. I just commented on your other post as well. Honestly Jordy’s value took a pretty big hit with Rodgers out. I might even take DT over Jordy the remainder of the season, especially since Sanders could be out and they are past their bye week. I’m not buying Jordy unless I can get him cheap, and both options you have don’t really seem cheap. I want to be clear that I don’t think Jordy is a throw away piece at all, but I don’t think he’s a a WR1 anymore.

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I’m struggling to sell watson… the best ive been offered is Sammy Watkins and rob kelley… or James white and cooper kupp, one of each position.

This guy is desperately trying to sell Jordy Nelson to you at pre-Rodgers injury value. With the injury DT is likely equal to or more valuable than Jordy.

If you feel like you don’t need Dak and Watson and want to sell Watson, you should be hitting up the Aaron Rodgers owner right now. If people won’t give you value for Watson then sell Dak, they’re pretty similar in value but Watson plays in a much easier division.

I don’t completely hate the Kelley and Watkins offer, but you are getting an injured RB who should take the lead job back upon his return and a guy who we are just hoping will become more ingrained in the offence and more in sync with his QB in Sammy. That’s a lot of question marks, and you’re giving up a very solid player. White and Kupp are borderline rosterable in most league, you might be dropping a better player off your bench to accept the trade.

I think you have the right idea with the Watson and DT for Jordy trade (if this was a week ago): you’re getting 2 for 1 offers which are generally not ideal for the party giving up the better player, SO-> package Watson along with a wr2 to try and get a wr1, or with a rb2 to get an rb1. And make sure you are targeting teams who are weak at qb, you need the right trade partner.


thank you, incredibly insightful. the nelson owner had Rodgers. and i think I’m at a stalemate with him. the best he’s offered was jordy for Parker and Watson and I’ve been persuaded that’s not enough…

I just think my window to sell one or the other is now. my team is mccoy, hunt, Miller, Martin, keenan, pryor, DT, Parker, ertz and plenty of roster space… I have a firm offer for watson in exchange for watkins/cupp and white/ Kelly. that’s all that’s been on the table. waviers are tomorrow and I feel like ppl will be content with their claims.

I actually find that the best time to pursue trades is after waivers, not before. These guys don’t what they are going to end up with tomorrow, so it’s tough to make a deal without full information. There also isn’t a ton out there on the waiver this week either.

At the end of the day it’s tough to give definitive advice because it all depends on your leaguemates. I have been in leagues where trading is impossible because no one will make a deal unless they are 100% sure they are winning it. Could be your league is similar.

Sorry I just realized something. Watson is on bye this coming week. The problem with trading bye players is that you will always be selling at a discount. Next week you’ll probably be in a better position to sell because the buyer can unwrap their shiny new toy right then and there instead of having to wait a week. You may find the Rodgers owner more pliable once he’s subjected to a week of 12 points from Tyrod Taylor. :wink:

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m. Thomas for Keenan and Watson is also too much?

he’s offering M. Thomas for Watson, DT and Pryor? should I counter with Parker instead of DT? or bad trade?

I starters would be Dak, McCoy, Hunt, Keenan, Michael Thomas, Ertz, (Martin/ Miller/ Parker/ Pryor)

This guy is trying to rob you blind. MT for Watson, DT & Pryor could not make less sense for you. It’s like giving up $25 and getting $15 back. The Jordy owner in your league is trying to do the same. Jordy simply isn’t worth what he was with Rodgers. His value dropped by probably 30%.

Kaiser is right that you will have a little harder time selling Watson because he’s on his bye week this week. If I were you, I wouldn’t be opposed to giving up Dak (even though you’ll have to stream a QB this week). I would go to the Rodgers owner and try to make a deal with him. There are multiple levels of deals I could see that work for you. You could try doing something like Dak/Lamar Miller for an RB1 like Freeman, Dak/Parker for a WR1, or just Dak straight up for more of a flex/WR2/RB2 piece.

Honestly, I haven’t seen a deal that you have told us about that is good for you. Not only that, but all of the deals look like they are trying to take advantage of you.

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Golden Tate straight up for Watson or Dak?

This is what the Rodgers team has:
Jordy, Funchess, Ajayi, McCaffrey, Walker, Matthews, Crowder, Bryant, Murray, Collins

Tate is sidelined for a few weeks with his shoulder but hed be a solid WR2 come late season.

That’s pretty close actually, specially if the Tate only misses one week. He’s on bye this week obviously so that helps as well. Does a “few weeks” mean a “few games” or does it mean actually a few calendar weeks? Because if is out 2-3 weeks then he only misses 1-2 games.

they haven’t released anything regarding his MRI yet I don’t think. sleeper bot reported yesterday he has an A.C. joint sprain and could be out 1-2 games including the bye week

think that may make the tate and qb less owner more willing tho

I’d like to hear some other thought on that trade actually. I think I would do it if I were you for Watson, because he’s on his bye week. It’s certainly a fair trade offer