Watson/Chark for Godwin/Ekeler

I’m giving up Ekeler and Godwin. I also have Melvin


That’s interesting, I’m in a similar trade that I don’t know if I should go through with it. I’m trying to get MelGo and Lockett but he wants Josh Jacob’s and Godwin. I feel like Godwin is such a prolific Receiver, he’s young, he’s fast, his route running is crisp, he makes guys miss in open field. But your trade seems great simply because you already have MelGo, if you need help in your QB situation then Watson is top 3 and he’s poised to have a huge game tomorrow, Chark is clearly Minshews #1 and he has proven at this point that he is the real deal, so as long as the Jaguars keep their Rhythm then I see good things to keep coming for Chark. Ekeler is destined to have his volume drop now that Gordon is back and I think you know that, which is why I think you should make that trade before the other guy pulls out. That’s my two cents bud.

Much appreciated. I did pull the trigger but always like to get a sanity check when possible. Unique scoring in this league. Only get points for yards after 300yds passing, 100yds receiving or 50yds rushing. It’s also Distance based scoring. Example for rushing TD’s.
1-5yds = 5pts
6-15 = 10
16-35 = 15
36-50 = 20
51+ = 25

My QBs were Murray and D Jones and although I like Murray matchup tomorrow, long term I needed help. I’m 1-4 in this league so what the hell. Ya know.

Your offer is real coin flip imo. I’d elect to keep Jacobs and Godwin for what it’s worth.

Damn that’s some crazy scoring, well for what it’s worth I think Watson is a pretty much guarantee to surpass 300 yards in the air tomorrow so I think you made the right decision.

Thanks man, I feel the same way. Like Jacob’s could easily surpass MelGo in points for the year and Godwin has been incredible so far. I’m trying to get him to take TY instead of Godwin.