Watson for Abdullah?

I’m in a 14 team league and surprisingly most owners are fine with their QB situations. I’ve got Dak and Watson so looking to dish Watson for an RB or WR upgrade. Rodgers owner has Abdullah, White, Montgomery. Would it be ridiculous to offer Watson and Gillislee for Abdullah?

My RBs: Murray (bye), Martin, Kelley, Gillislee

A 14 team league and plp are happy with there QB… That is crazy…

Watson should get more than Abdullah…

I’d maybe look at the Hopkins or Fuller owner and see if they might want the QB/WR stack.

Id look to get ajayi or Thompson or maybe even Ingram or murray(who is on a bye but might be able to get him cheaper.) don’t get me wrong Abdullah isn’t bad in a 14 team league… But can’t believe Watson can’t get more. Maybe wait one more game and when he drops 25+ pts plp will. Remember how good he is

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Yeah I know crazy right?

I’ve offered Watson and Gillislee for Mixon to Big Ben owner and he’s not responding…

Just offered Watson and Gillislee for Ajayi to Rivers owner. Also offered those two to Cam owner for Thompson.

Will settle for Abdullah if no one bites I guess, but like you said, I’m pretty surprised no one has offered for him.

Mariota owner has Zeke, McFadden, Fournette and Hyde, so maybe Watson and an RB for Hyde?