Watson & Kamara for Melvin Gordon

.5 ppr. I have Dak so I don’t need Watson. Would you say this is fair? Been having trouble finding anyone to take Watson.

Depend on the other teams needs, but this seems like a good trade. Any time you can take a RB2 + something you aren’t going to use and make it a RB1 is a good deal.

You also get that free bench spot.

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My thoughts exactly. Just hesitant to pull the trigger. Thank you.

That’s a great trade for you. Not sure if the Gordon owner would do it, but I think it’s a great deal for you.

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I initially offered him Watson, ASJ and Buck Allen because he’s got garbage at TE. He countered with Kamara and no TE. Guess I’ll have to start both Engram and ASJ.

I would still try and trade away one of those TEs. Both of those are good TEs are good and you can get value for one of them probably. Good trade for Gordon though for sure.

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