Watson, Mayfield, or Prescott

Jackson and Mariota also on waivers. I currently own 1 qb in Jameis Winston, should i grab one of them??

Watson has the best playoff matchups

Lamar Jackson - I would choose him over Mariota. His running skills alone make the difference. I think they will try and limit his running - but we truly don’t know his potential. His does not have great targets… but that would be my choice.

I would go Watson, Prescott, Mayfield.

Watson can throw bombs and has shown he’s still willing to scramble and run even after the knee injury.

While Prescott doesn’t throw deep like Watson much, with Kellen Moore as the new OC I think the offense will be more dynamic and he’s gotten 6 rushing TD’s each season since entering the league.

Mayfield would be a good choice if you can’t get Watson or Prescott. He can throw, he can run and the Browns are looking to go balls to the walls this season.

My bad… I did not see the subject line… I thought it was between Jackson or Mariota. I would take Watson.