Watson or Baker this week?

I currently have Baker in my lineup given the matchups of both guys. My predicament and reason I’m asking is because my DST are the Bears going up against NE. Other DST options are:

I don’t want to drop CHI, and currently have Watson, Baker and Russ on my team. Baker is gone regardless next week, but the main question:

Would you rather start Baker v TB and CHI DST v NE possibly w/o Khalil


Would you rather start Watson v JAX and (1 DST of choice listed above)


I’d go with Watson, too many weapons. His if Baker goes off, Watson goes off. If Baker is still struggling Watson can still get you the points.

I would hold on to the Chicago D because after the Patriots they have favorable games against the Jets and Bills…

If Minnesota D is on waivers, definitely pick them up and stream them this week against the Jets!
There is no need to have 3 QBs, and an argument can be made for/against all 3. But I would definitely drop 1 of those QBs and pick up the Vikings D for this week…

Would you drop Baker for Minny? I feel like JAX will bounce back after 2 duds in a row, especially so after last week.

For even further context, projections at the moment have me beating my opponent by 20+ points.

I’m actually playing both lol. I’m in a superflex so I have to. Probably not the best idea to play watson against the Jags D who just got embarassed and are probably looking to recover. But at the same time, its Watson.

I wouldn’t start Chi against NE. They just played an OT game in 100 degree weather and mack isn’t 100%. Patriots don’t give up too many sacks cause they design plays to get the ball out super quick and we know they don’t turn the ball over. So that’s a risky prop. I am personally streaming Colts D and Arizona D over the bears this week.

Out of the list you mentioned, I think Washington vs Dallas is a good one. I would go with that. Denver vs Arizona isn’t bad either.

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Yeah I don’t really feel all that comfortable starting Watson or Chicago D at all, but what has me in the pinch is that I can’t drop Chicago D in this league because they will be scooped up. I definitely do not want to start Chicago D but I’m trying to weigh the options as to which would hurt me less - a dud performance by Watson or another bad performance by Chicago D and I think the more I think about it, it is likely the DST. I think Baker has a real good game, but as I said I’m facing one of the lesser teams in the league who is also without AB this week, so I think I can risk taking a bad performance at QB over DST since it’s less likely Watson puts up negative than Chicago. It’s a rough situation that I’ve been dreading since I saw Wilson’s BYE and who Watson had lined up for this week lol

I appreciate it! I was liking Washington DST myself as well, was between them and Minny because as a Jets fan, knowing the team has won 2 in a row and have this last home game before hitting the road, I full expect a let down performance from them lol

I would just say the vikings D hasn’t been what it used to be. Griffen still isn’t back and they just lost their 1st round CB. I don’t think the Jets will light them up, but I also wouldn’t be shocked if the jets did put up 24+ on them.

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