Watson or Dak for Tate? (Even with AC joint sprain?)

12 team .5 ppr

Watson had bigger upside but Dak is going to get you 20 + every week. Watson is going to boom or bust and right now he is booming. I would go Dak but that just a feeling more then anything.

I would be receiving Tate here, so the question is, is Watson worth giving up for Tate, long term?

I would ask for more if he really wants Watson. Watson has more value then Tate alone.

Golden Tate?

Yes I changed it, I meant Tate. Ask for more. This a QB that have scored over 30 points a week in 6 pt TD leagues.


What WR does he have?

He has murray, monty, theilen, tate, m. Thomas, Watkins, cupp, Kelley, and White

My qb’s are Dak and Watson

He tried giving me one of each positon… Watkins/ Cupp and White/ Kelley

You state he has RB and WR are as follow.

RB - Rob Kelley, DeMarco Murray, Ty Montgomery , James White

WR - Adam Theilen, Golden Tate, Michael Thomas, Sammy Watkins, Copper Kupp

If all those are the correct players I would say the two offers you got are not enough. Watkins has only had one good game and nothing since Cupp has been ok but not worth Watson, White his not that good, and I like Kelley if it is Rob Kelley we are talking about. I would try and see if he will do Golden Tate and Rob Kelley for Watson. Rob Kelley will be the starting running back when he gets back and Tate will be a WR 2 when he gets back. That would be what I was shooting for if I was you.