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Watson or Darnold

As weird as it is to ask, Watson or Darnold this week? Full PPR

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I’m benching Watson for Tannehill if that says anything… Lamar Jackson is the only QB I’ll roll out vs the Pats D

I’m not a big Darnold fan but the matchup is there


So part 2 would be, so I still keep DeAndre in? Cause I had Cooper last week vs Pats and got a 0

Exact same situation as BratWurst. I have Watson and benched him for Tannehill this week. Anyone not named Lamar Jackson should get sat against the patriots


Not weird at all. My QB model projects Darnold to be the QB10 this week and Watson to be the QB27. I think there’s a decent chance Watson outperforms that projection, but no way I’d start him against NE over Darnold this week. The Ballers also have Darnold ranked higher (QB9 vs. QB12). I included my QB model below if you’re interested. Good luck!

Please check out my Week 13 streaming post where I provide weekly and rest-of-season rankings, scoring projections and waiver recommendations for QBs, TEs and DSTs. Comments and feedback are welcome. Thanks!

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Wow bro! That’s amazing! Thank you so much! What do your projections say about DeAndre Hopkins?

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I don’t have models for skill position players (at least not yet). Lots of other considerations with them, and I only published these after using myself for a few years to the point I was comfortable with their usefulness. This week, the Ballers consensus ranking on him is WR13 (tough matchup). RoS, though, Fantasy Pros has him ranked as the WR3.

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I’m rolling Watson out against the Pats. Watson is a much better QB than Darnold. I’d rather start the better player. Some of the Pats stats come from playing against Darnold and other lower tier QBs.

The Pats haven’t looked invincible when playing good teams. I’m not predicting Watson having his best outing of the year but he should be ok.

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It’s a fair point @southside_at. If you always play the best players, you will usually come out OK.
Watson is a star and is certainly capable of blowing up for a big game, even against a top defense. I’ve faded him pretty hard this week based on the numbers, and if he does go off I will have to eat a lot of words. For me it’s about probabilities, though, and I think it’s more likely than not that he finishes outside the top-10 this week. But I wouldn’t fault anyone for going with the talent and trusting them to overcome the matchup. The good news is we get to see how it turns out soon - I’ll be very interested in watching this play out.

Good luck this week.


@Sith_Are_People_Too you obviously have a tremendous amount of knowledge here; no way I’m doubting that AND I have used and appreciated your advice before and hope to again.

Watson had 3pts again the Ravens and lost me that week. He could do it again for sure this week. That being said I find it too difficult personally to bet against my top players. Watson, Hopkins and Chubb get rolled out every week for me, everyone else gets scrutinized. Keep up the good work!


Good call @southside_at. Watson put a Lamar-Jackson-like hurtin’ on the Pats defense.

I am probably going to miss the playoffs because I played Darnold. I have played Watson every other week, but got scared of because of the dud against the Rave be s a few weeks ago.

Sorry to hear that. A lot of people got burned by Darnold, and people who live by the “play your studs” mantra won out with Watson’s big game.

I did exact same thing, and now look like missing out on play offs by a small margin!

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Probably no consolation, but I follow the same advice and live with the same results. Lots of folks made that same change. Tough beat to live with though, I know.

I still have a shot if Carson scores 13 or less and Locket gets at least 8 then I’ll squeak in as the 6 seed on a 3 game losing streak

Ugh, Kyler and AZ are totally matchup dependent. They stink against half-way decent teams… So tilted I did not play Watson and might lose because of this…

And really should have played Fitzpatrick. I streamed Devante Parker and Miles Sanders and got slaughtered from Hunter Henry, Gonzalez the kicker, Tyreek, and Ingram…

Up by 58 and going against Russel Wilson, Tyler Lockette, and Diggs… :face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

Thankfully I clinched playoffs 2 weeks ago, ahead of everyone else in my league. I played Darnold over Watson. But, Parker, Kupp, Waller, Miles Sanders & DeAndre’s TD helped. I won the matchup. Going forward, I’m sticking with Watson. LOL

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There are just some players you can’t bench IMO. The true stars just have too much upside. I do understand that there are unfavorable matchups but sometimes those are the games the stars perform the best in.?

That being said I played Chubb this week and left Singletary on the bench, that didn’t work out this week. IMO it’s impossible to pick the game where a lower tier player goes off, but the odds are in your favor for a star player to have a good game. Please note I am not speaking from a rankings standpoint but just a managing your own team standpoint for an entire season.


Watson 27 Darnold 9
my team 80 Opponent 94.

A win and I would have been in, instead I out for the second year in a row in my most important league.